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It is important to have a speedy recovery from a physical injury. It can also prove to be beneficial in relieving the tension build-up from the stresses we accumulate in our work and everyday lives.

In addition to being licensed, all of our therapists have gone through an extensive in-house training program that consists of 100-150 additional hours of detailed massage technique and application.

Our professional staff is trained in all types of massage. Whether you visit our facility or we come to your workplace, your massage will be a satisfying and relaxing experience.

A massage conducted by a trained professional can have both physical and emotional therapeutic value. Our staff has been trained in targeting all joints and muscle groups to insure a deep invigorating massage.

Most Insurance Programs Accepted
From auto accident to work injuries, we can create a customized treatment to speed your recovery. Many of our medical clients who recovered from injury have returned to request a maintenance program that rejuvenates their muscles and helps eliminate stress. Visit our Medical Programs page to view all current insurance companies we work with.

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